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Exclusive Escapes in Western Australia

Welcome to Air Escapes - your ticket to the ultimate luxury getaway, where your journey is as memorable as the destination. 


Air Escapes provides you with bespoke, exclusive escapes in Western Australia, flying you in our VIP aircraft to some of the world-class destinations in ‘our big backyard’. Our team goes above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences.


Think of a Sunday long lunch and wine tasting with a group of your favs in Margaret River. Or celebrating that incredibly special milestone with some bubbles overlooking the crystal, sparkling waters of Esperance. With Air Escapes - you can. What’s more, we’ll have you home by the end of the day!

Where will your Air Escape take you?


It's always a good time for Western Australian luxury escapes, but with ongoing and unpredictable travel restrictions, there’s no time as inviting as now.


Where Is Your Next Adventure?

 Air Escapes Exclusive Escapes in Australia

Date:Temporarily Unavailable

Duration: 1 Day

Departs: 8:00am

Almost too good to be true, and even more spectacular from the air, Esperance is a paradise of the whitest beaches and the clearest waters Western Australia has to offer. 

 Tasting Pilgrimage Esperance In Australia By Air Esccapes

Date: Available Daily

Duration:  1 Day

Departs: 9:00am

With world-class wineries, flourishing forests and vast turquoise waters, how better to arrive in this picturesque region than in a private aircraft.

 Air Escapes Tours in Australia


Date: Temporarily Unavailable

Duration: 1 Day

Departs: 8:00am

Enjoy the rugged beauty and the abundance of sea and land adventures to be had in one of WA's most alluring destinations, without the 6 hour drive to get there

Bespoke Luxury Western Australian experiences

With Air Escapes, you’re free to do things a little differently. Don’t see an Air Escape that suits what you’re looking for? No problems! We can personalise your trip to suit you. Whether that's flight timing, incredible overnight accommodation or ticking things off your bucket list - we have you covered, with the ultimate white glove, red carpet service you deserve. Exclusive to you and your entourage, our bespoke trips require nothing of you but an adventurous spirit.

Work, play and Celebrate in Style

Our attitude to life has always been to make the most of it wherever we can. So we cater for the why-nots and the because-we- cans .Whatever the occasion or lack thereof, Air Escapes has you covered.
  • Personal and professional milestones are the accomplishments that fill our lives with fulfilment and purpose - they need to be appreciated and acknowledged. And how better to do so than with an unforgettable experience, unique to you.

  • Corporate groups that want to mark an occasion, create incomparable client relationships or just celebrate their team and the goals they scored need look no further than Air Escapes. Your staff and clients will feel genuinely cared for with us, as they get to leave their tension on the ground and connect with you in new ways. We all know what they say about the dangers of ‘all work and no play’. Well, we’re here to offer a giant helping of ‘play’.

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and proposals call for a luxury escape - in a VIP aircraft, gliding through the Western Australian skies. Pin this moment with a memory for the ages.

In partnership with Western Sky Australia 



Delivering luxury escapes with private aeroplanes is made possible with Western Sky Australia.

Western Sky Australia has 25 years of industry experience - so you can expect the highest levels of customer

service and the safest journey possible.

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