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Founded by two pilots with a combined 40 years of flight experience and a genuine love of travel. After seeing so many beautiful locations around Australia and New Zealand, we wanted to downsize our aeroplanes and upsize our experiences. So we decided to create Air Escapes, where we can deliver luxury service for our customers and take them on unforgettable trips, hitting some of the best spots in the country by air.
Air Escapes is still about ‘donning our pilot hats and delivering the cream of the crop service and luxury we’ve done for years. Just this time, it’s exclusive to our customers, where we can create an intimate atmosphere that makes them feel like the VIPs they are while they’re chauffeured to some of the best spots in WA
Our Air Escapes team goes above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences - if you can dream it, we can make it happen (the impossible we can do right away, miracles may take just a little longer).

We know what makes an unforgettable trip

After many memorable experiences of our own, we've become passionate about aviation and the professional service that accompanies it. Now, we
want to focus on our home, on the beautiful spots in our big backyard, and connecting people to them. We've spent a lot of time choosing the right destinations to make the most enriching luxury escapes possible, so that we can share our passion with you.
We've mastered the making of unforgettable luxury trips. It's not just about selecting the most beautiful and remote destinations, nor our top-notch service or all-inclusive luxury packages – though we know these help! It's also about tapping into what makes the destination special and diving into this magic. It's about optimising the local seasonal variations, incorporating the cultural customs, and thorough planning for a seamless experience. Then tieing this all together to curate the perfect trip that borrows from each of these intricacies is how we create an unforgettable escape like no other.

Precise Planners

Precise We believe with our unique industry experience and highly-trained service-focused staff, we're able to deliver privately chartered aircraft journeys like no other.

Air Escapes also has a network of reputable local operators to continue this top-quality experience when we hit the ground. Each location offers its own magic, and our trips are designed to put you in and amongst it. Our operators are experts on each destination and fully cater to your all-inclusive journey – so, you get the most out of their experience.
Every one of our trips are carefully selected and planned to the finest of details, based on your specific destination. An all-inclusivetrip means you just need to bring yourselves, because your personalised transfers, exclusive accommodation, dining experiences, and tailored activities are all ready and waiting for you.

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