About Us

Dedicated to memorable experiences in the most

incredible destinations

Air Escapes is founded by two professional pilots, who have a combined 40-years experience in the aviation and travel industry as well as a shared passion for providing a thoroughly professional service.


Over many years, we have had the great privilege to travel throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, experiencing all the unique beauty and magic each destination has to offer. We have found that the secret to enjoying the most memorable and unique experiences is the careful planning and choice of where you are going and what you are doing. Every destination has its own hidden magical experience, but your personal experience can be greatly influenced by local factors that you may or may not be aware of. These often include: local seasonal weather variations, cultural customs, block out periods or just simply a lack of available and relevant information.


After a lot of memorable experiences, we decided to change this and founded Air Escapes. Air Escapes is a solely Australian owned and operated company and our vision is to provide ‘exclusive and all-inclusive’ memorable experiences to what we believe are some of the most incredible destinations in Australasia. Combined and paired with some of our favourite destinations and activities, you too can now discover our passion.


We believe through our unique industry experience, our choice of reputable local operators and our highly trained and service focused staff, we can meet and exceed your expectations. Be assured every escape is carefully chosen and planned in the highest detail to give you the most exclusive experience you will never forget. This includes your own privately chartered aircraft, personalised transfers, exclusive accommodation, meal and dinning experiences and our tailored and paired activities. Our packages cater for individuals, groups, corporate or special occasions.

For further information or a personalised unique experience, please contact Air Escapes.

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