Ultimately, this comes down to your favoured climate and will also depend on which parts of Australia you intend visiting. With each of our escapes, we have taken the seasonal changes into account as best as we can. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia’s summer is from December until February (great for the King Island and SW Western Australian Escape) and winter is June through to August (brilliant for the Queensland 3 day Escape)

Any items that would be considered of a ‘personal’ or ‘optional’ nature are not included. Examples include, but are not limited to, personal:

  • telephone calls
  • food and drink outside of normal meal periods
  • personal travel insurance
  • medical and hospital expenses
  • vaccinations, and
  • laundry and grooming expenses.
Our goal is to offer you a unique and exclusive Escape and the general choice of attire is up to you. However, due to Airline regulatory safety requirements and the exclusive nature of some activities, a minimum dress standard may be applicable. For this reason, we suggest that you consider at least smart casual attire. The requirement for a specific dress standard will be conveyed in your Escape Itinerary.
Our escapes are tailored to provide a unique and exclusive experience and we pride ourselves on selecting only ‘Airline’ category aircraft. To achieve this, we have packaged your escapes to be ‘all-inclusive,’ which caters for a minimum and maximum number. We can only secure the aircraft for the advertised package if a minimum number of guests is confirmed. This ensures you receive the highest level of service, comfort and satisfaction.
Your ‘Escape’ is something you have most likely spent considerable time choosing. The activities and destinations listed in your Escape will probably dictate what attire and accessories you will need. We recommend that you plan a minimum of smart casual attire for aircraft travel and evening dinners. For your convenience, all destinations will have laundry facilities.
In line with our commitment to providing you with an exclusive and memorable all-inclusive Escape, we strive to pair the finest quality of accommodation available to each destination. In the majority of our Escape destinations, this will be of a ‘5-star Standard.’ However, where this is not available, you can be assured that we will provide the highest level of comfort and service possible.
As all our guests will be aware, the elements of nature can be challenging and often unpredictable. Every effort has been made to plan and pair our escapes to address known seasonal variations and thereby minimise any impact on your planned activity. Should conditions be considered extreme or dangerous, or be cancelled by the supplier and therefore out of our control, we will endeavour to provide the group with a choice of another activity.


This is a difficult one to answer as it varies according to who is doing the judging. However, while we will endeavour to play the best courses possible along the Escape, our focus is on delivering you as seamless and unforgettable a total package as possible.
Yes, you do. We understand that one of the enjoyments of a great game is playing with the clubs that have been custom fitted for you. A unique benefit we pride ourselves on is offering a choice of ‘airline’ category aircraft that can cater for the extra baggage involved.
Generally, the battery used in motorised buggies is prohibited from being carried by air. Refer to ‘Do you include a Caddie in the Pricing?’
No! Very rarely are Caddies used in Australia. Whenever possible, though, we include a shared motorised cart for your use. It must be noted, however, that carts are not available at all courses. If you have a medical condition that may prevent you from carrying your clubs, please contact us and we will see what can be arranged.
This will depend on the golf courses’ individual conditions. Most Australian golf courses don’t allow denim or T-Shirts and metal-spiked golf shoes are usually not permitted. Air Escapes will notify you of the required dress standard for each course upon booking your Escape.
Of course you can. There are many reputable dealers in Australia. To save you time, we would be happy to organise this for you. Just send us through your measurements and your clubs will be waiting for your arrival (purchase), or we can simply organise the hire of clubs at each golf course (where available and at additional cost). Refer to the booking page for more information.
No matter what it is you are looking for in a holiday, Air Escapes will accommodate your requests to the best of our ability. Contact us today so we can get started straight away on customising your extraordinary holiday.


At Air Escapes, we have a combined 40-years experience operating as airline pilots. All our escapes are carefully planned to utilise only ‘Airline’ category aircraft for your absolute safety and comfort. However, the aircraft choice can be influenced by the destination airport’s size and facilities, the flight distance, and the number of guests travelling. Air Escapes ‘Minimum Safety and Comfort Standards’ policy requires that each selected aircraft:

  1. Will be operated by an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Airline approved by the Australian (CASA) and New Zealand (CAA) Regulators;
  2. Will be operated by a minimum of two multi-crew qualified airline pilots, a minimum of one flight attendant and a dedicated Air Escapes Tour Director;
  3. Will be equipped with a stand up air-conditioned cabin, dedicated food and beverage service facilities and toilet;
  4. Will accommodate all of your assigned carry-on, checked-in luggage and most importantly, where applicable, your golf clubs;
  5. Is professionally selected for each Escape.

Our preference is to utilise ‘Airline Category’ jet aircraft. However, in some unique escapes, these aircraft may be too large to land at the destination. In these individual cases, we may have to provide an aircraft tailored for your Escape or particular destination. However, you can be assured that under all flight transportation circumstances, the ‘Minimum Safety and Comfort Standards’ policy listed above will always be applied. Your aircraft type, description and specifications will be provided in your Escape Itinerary.


All restrictions are those that you would normally expect of an ‘Airline’ service. Before any booking with Air Escapes, you are required to tell us if you suffer from any illness, disease or condition which may make it unsafe for you or other passengers if you fly.

Some studies have concluded that prolonged immobility may be a risk factor in the formation of blood clots in legs (DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis). If you feel you may be at risk from DVT or other health problems, please consult your doctor before you travel.

If you are pregnant, the following precautions must be observed: for travel after the first 28-weeks of pregnancy, you will need to carry a certificate or letter from a registered doctor or registered midwife, dated no more than 10-days prior to travelling.

On all Air Escapes, you must be able to walk unaided and it must be deemed that you will not need any unforeseen assistance throughout your planned experience. Air Escapes reserves the right to refuse travel to any guest whose personal fitness is not appropriate for the planned Escape. It is important to note that the airline provider will require you to ‘act reasonably’ and be ‘safe to fly.’

We understand that all our guests have specific needs when they are away and, therefore, for your comfort we offer the flexibility of a generous amount of carry-on and checked-in baggage. This is an important element in our selection of the most appropriate aircraft for your Escape. Because of safety considerations, Airline Regulatory requirements limit the maximum ‘carry-on baggage’ to 7-kg. Due to destination aircraft performance limitations, we have to limit ‘checked in baggage’ to 15-kg and, where applicable, one set of golf clubs or activity effects. It must be reiterated that these requirements relate directly to the Regulatory safety of the aircraft as enforced by all airlines. Please note that our staff will endeavor to find a solution for your travel requirements in all cases.

All restrictions are those that you would normally expect of an ‘Airline’ service. They include items prohibited by law or which may endanger the aircraft. Guidance will be provided with your itinerary.

This is dependent on the Escape you choose. From our professional experience, we have found that transportation between destinations is usually a maximum of 2 hours flight time. Our aircraft choice will minimise your travelling time between each destination and maximise the time you spend doing what you have chosen to do.

The beauty of your Escape is on the ground! We want you to feel comfortable and safe, and our aircraft choice will ensure that this is your experience at all times – then you can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery outside.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the effects of nature can be unpredictable. As described above, every effort has been made to plan and pair our escapes to address known seasonal forecast variations and thereby minimise any impact on your planned activity. Your aircraft will always be that of an ‘Airline Category’ aircraft as described in our policy above. Rest assured, should there be any delay due to inclement weather, the same airline restrictions will apply to everyone. Air Escapes cannot stress enough that your safety is our paramount concern.


There is absolutely no reason why you can’t. In fact, we even recommend it. There are so many places to see and play at that we simply can’t include them all in one Escape package. We will be happy to organise your additional accommodation and transfers as well as additional golfing or non-golfing tours (additional costs apply)
Your flights inbound and outbound of your chosen Escape are the responsibility of the person making the booking. However, we are happy to assist you in this process. We use a third-party travel agent in order to get you the best deal possible.
You are choosing a unique and exclusive experience that we hope will be shared with old and new friends. We trust you will endeavor to treat old and new friends with respect.
We are focused on tailoring unique packages for individuals and couples and are continually looking for experiences that we believe meet our goals of being exclusive and memorable. We have a range of specifically tailored choices in each Escape that allows your partner/spouse to participate in their own exclusive and memorable experience. Please contact us for a bespoke experience.